Nutri-Life Bio-N™
Natural nitrogen captured from the atmosphere and converted to plant-available nitrogen in the root zone.

Nutri-Life Bio-N™ contains organisms capable of converting atmospheric nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen in the soil. Azotobacter, a free-living nitrogen fixer, can tap into the 74,000 tonnes of nitrogen gas hanging over every hectare. Azotobacter also secrete hygroscopic mucilage in the root-zone, which assists in retaining soil moisture. Nutri-Life Bio-N™ has proven a reliable and consistent performer in Australian conditions since 1998.


  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI.
  • Access free atmospheric nitrogen.
  • Increase yield and quality.
  • Reduce soil erosion.
  • Improve water retention.
  • Enhance germination.
  • Promote root growth.
  • Phosphate release.

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